Updated November 2015

Right now, I am currently working on:

  • Designing the Heroik Academy – to provide premium learning, great advice and share Heroik culture to get you and your team Mission Ready For Life.
  • The first courses are focused on helping people make room in their life and schedules, because everyone needs room to recover, and room to grow. So that’s where I’m starting.
  • In general, creating courses focused on Technology, Leadership and Culture to drive happy people and high performance.
  • Refining all the Heroik web properties, swabbin the decks, plugging leaks, refining copy, and trying to make 1% improvements one day at a time.
  • Trying to exceed my wife’s expectations as a husband as we settle into our new home. So far kicking ass at this- but I did my best to lower expectations, under-promise and deliver a little more…and a little more over time. People adapt to overdelivery, so it’s best to wow them a little bit everyday.
  • Teaching teams and leaders, the ins, outs, implications and benefits of design thinking, and experience design.
  • Checking my inbox and triaging messages a few times a day at most, to prevent distractions from dictating my schedule. The overwhelming volume of email tends to result in wagging the dog, pulling attention away from critical work.
  • Reading and re-reading books by the stack, flying through highlighters faster than Bart Simpson gobbles Butterfingers.
  • Lifting weights, searching for more hiking buddies, mapping out new runs in the new neighborhood.
  • Advising the Trusted Advisor Group through growing pains, and trying to avoid “playing committee”
  • Restarting meetups to connect with a community of growth minded go-getters. I love the people I meet.

I’m a chatty guy who loves to share knowledge, learn, collaborate, and make new friends. email me 

If my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page. Last update was November 2015.