My name is Nicholas McGill.

I’m a creative, business geek, tech head, author, thrivalist, sherpa and adventurer extraordinaire. I am also the founder of the Heroik brand and several other companies you’ve probably read about.

My job is to work with clients to design and build growth engines and new revenue generators that shock and amaze customers – from thought to profit.  I am an Experience Designer by trade – which is probably something you’ve never hear of, but basically, if you combined a marketing manager, senior technologist, product designer, brand manager, artist, engineer and sales guy all into one job role,  you’d be close.

I run a business consultancy, an innovation lab, and lead a team of heroes who help businesses and leaders get Mission Ready For Life. Basically, I am a perpetual student and adventurer; always studying, experimenting and exploring – I’m constantly amazed by how stupid I was 2 weeks ago.

On this site you’ll find a bit about my story, work and life.



I have an incredible job. On the customer facing side as a Chief Experience Officer, I design the customer facing and team facing products, tools, as well as market and manage the various  brands sub-brands, their stories, content, values, culture, and products/services. But even more specifically, the perception and focus on the individual user experience of each of them. I bring brands and ideas to life, from thought to profit.

Using my expertise in marketing the brand experience and lean technology platforms, I help transform departments, processes, productivity and performance. I bring the culture, team, and leadership into alignment, and create a personal connection to the brand. All of this requires a unique perspective and an interdisciplinary skill set to make it happen. Within organizations as a consultant, business geek, creative mind, complex problem solver and technology whiz kid, I build growth engines for business.


I am also charged with developing, exploring, refining, and documenting inspirational Heroik culture.  As the Chief Cultural Officer for all things Heroik, my job doesn’t stop there. I am also responsible for inspiring others to get Heroik through leading by example.

I’m one of the lucky few people whose job and life purpose are in strong alignment. A big part of my job, and a big aspiration of my life is to be the most Heroik version of myself. So all of the effort and energy I put in (the pursuit of being a better man, husband, brother, son, best friend, leader, and business owner) directly maps to my bottom line. And I love that. Read more about my values here.


I live with my beautiful wife who indulges my mad scientist ways, 2 great dogs who side with her (all 3 prefer glamping to roughing it), and a cat who likes to sleep on me because I keep her warm.  Read More


I am evermore the avid adventurer. I sample many things from life and enjoy hobbies like hiking, running, rucking, kayaking, camping, rock climbing, paddle boarding, light mountaineering; and just about anything I can do to enjoy open space. Venturing outdoors is my favorite form of therapy, it’s where I go to pray, reconnect, and journey inward. Check out a few photos here.


Expertise – Overview

My expertise is in bringing innovative, creative, technological and cultural changes to organizations that increase productivity, performance and motivation. I bring brands to life and build growth engines for business in these key areas:

Brand Identity, Alignment & Marketing

Bringing Brands to Life – creating/refining brand identity, bringing into alignment the symbols, culture, content, narrative, values, and integrity in practice, and also help uncover/discover those under the surface. Click here to learn more.

Refining Process, Products & Services

I help make products, services and processes better. I also help develop new ones while finding creative ways to bake in the culture and values of the brand into every byte.

Content Strategy, Creation & Mastery

Content is King they say. And after years of marketing brands, writing books, articles, narratives, and guides, I tend to agree. As an author, writer, blogger, editor of multiple publications and blogs, I have a keen insight to the strategies, tricks, and styles that attract eyeballs and meet business objectives. Read More.

 wp7050Web Design 

I’m also a WordPress pro and fanatic. I love the simple visual and communicative powers it gives the layman. Simply put, it’s an open market, and easy to learn platform that keeps you in control (not the designer).  Check out Heroik Media’s approach to web design.

Experience Design

This is an emerging discipline, with the goal of transforming the end experience for users, customers, and employees. In order to be successful in this unique arena, I find that I must continually draw from all of my skill sets. This discipline requires a major shift in traditional thinking and organization structure. As such, marketing and other business functions are evolving and converging into the field of experience design. Read more here.

Leadership & Team Building

Leadership and Team Dynamic disciplines are necessities, and passions of mine. I study often and put my values into practice every day. I’ve also developed a platform designed to build stronger teams and leaders. This platform, called MI-STEP, was developed with military and other leaders to create a robust and holistic approach to building deep trusting relationships and high performance among teams. Read More.

Community Development

Community and media go hand in hand when it comes to creating deep engagement and designing brand experiences. Knowing what valuable tools and resources to offer members, fans, partners, and visitors, and how to interact with them, is a linchpin in this endeavor – and one of my primary areas of focus.


Skills – Overview

What I Use to Build Growth Engines

General Skills

//  Speaking  //  Writing  //  Marketing   //  Web Design   //   Copywriting  //  Graphic Design  //  Photography  //   Experience Design  //  Photo editing  //  Illustrating  //  Curating Elements in Alignment with Brand Values  //  Designing Team Building and Leadership Events  //  Leading Mud Runs, Rucks, and  Adventures  //


//  WordPress  //  Photoshop  //  Illustrator  //  HTML  //  SQL  //  Google Apps  //  Dropbox  //  Windows  //  Mac OS  //  iOS  //  Android  //  Pebble  //  Fitbit  //  Firefox  // Safari  // Chrome  //

Knowledge Areas

Things I study and use to make it happen

//  Consulting  //  Design  //  Art // Aesthetics  //  Storytelling – Dynamic, Visual, Verbal, Written  //  New Media  // Information Technology  //  Leadership  //  Team Building  //  Culture Building  //  Change Management  //  Game Dynamics & Gamification  //  Behavioral Economics & The Art of Influence  //  Neuroscience  //  Data Science  //  Computer Science  //  Troubleshooting  //

Read More


Consulting – Overview

I enjoy using my gifts and expertise with growth minded organizations. I’d love to work with you and your team. I’ve been a consultant, guide, and sherpa for 14 years. I’m thoroughly experienced in:

  • Diagnosing and evaluating situations (especially those related to technology, culture, and customers)
  • Developing creative solutions to solve business challenges
  • Communicating and collaborating with teams, building them up, and empowering leadership
  • Providing teams with proper tools, values, and Heroik culture

As a consultant, I offer multiple value based options for consulting engagements. These can be on and off site, advisory, consultative, and collaborative roles. From time to time I work in trade and/or barter, and volunteer 20% of my time for community projects. 

For more information on engagements, rates and details, click here.


Speaking – Overview

I enjoy speaking and collaborating with others. I love taking the “No Bull Rodeo” on tour and speak with honesty, authenticity, and humor on a number of topics including:

  • How To Build And Manage a Thriving Business Culture With a Distributed Team
  • The No Bull Rodeo: Marketing Edition – What Efforts Really Generate Returns?
  • Digital Liquidity – Understanding The Flow And Value of Information in The Digital Age
  • The Heroik Power of Headlines – Making Epic Content
  • Becoming Heroik – A Guide to Thrivalism
  • Mission Ready For Life – Please Swipe Our Culture
  • Heroik Leadership – How to Build and Lead a Team in a Flat Organization
  • Dig Life Design – How to Build an Empowering, Personal, Digital Lifestyle

I’ve spoken at many events large and small from Office Optional and the Lean Startup Series with Eric Reese, Vision to Victory, and occasionally I speak on tour with Bonnie Kelly. As often as I can spare, I enjoy speaking at schools to motivate children and teenagers. I enjoy the challenge of connecting with such tough crowds and seeing them light up with potential. Learn more about speaking gigs, rates, etc. here.


Books – Overview

I love to write. I’ve written a few books and I’m an avid blogger as well. (check out GetHeroik.com)

The Heroik
Power of

Learn More

The Heroik

Learn More

The Heroik

Learn More


Values – Overview

As a leader and verbose author of a culture book, I spend a lot of time and have quite a bit to say about my personal values and how they’re integrated into my life and work. Click here to see them all.

In brief, some of the values that I practice, pursue and teach from include:

  • Mission Ready For Life – This is my mantra. Cultivate that which serves you and eject that which does not
  • Faith – Bring Your Own Bravery – Courage must come from within, you can’t outsource it
  • Authenticity – Be comfortable being who you are, right where you are, and using what you’ve got
  • Integrity – Consistency in word and deed
  • Always carry a MAP – Mindfulness, Awareness and Presence
  • Measure in terms of TEA – (Time, Effort, and Energy) – Where are you pouring your TEA?
  • Practice Digital Liquidity – Be mindful of the factors that affect flow and value of information
  • Freedom – The power or right to act, speak, think and live without hindrance or restraint, subjugation, oppression, codependence or dysfunction. Shackles come in all forms, which include contract terms and thought patterns
  • Adaptability – Having a nimble mind and versatile skillest allows me to serve across disciplines and continue to thrive as things change
  • Tenacity & Creative Grit  – The honey badger is my spirit animal
  • Discernment – Be discriminating, judicious, shrewd, clever, astute, sharp, selective, sophisticated, tasteful, sensitive and perceptive to nuance and detail. Exercising good judgement in grey areas
  • Leadership – Leadership is about taking the influence gained from trust and respect that’s earned by serving others, and navigating to a declared objective that is in alignment with shared vision and values
  • Stewardship & Quality of LifeIt’s up to us to sustain the environment, community, and culture we advocate for and enjoy and want others to experience. Our job is to leave it better than we found it and build it better than we thought we could

I have many more I care deeply about and would love for you to read in detail. Click Here.


Leadership & Team Building – Overview

There are leadership opportunities each and everyday in life and work, with family, friends, and co-workers. Each day provides an opportunity to serve, to eat last, and lead by example. Here are some of my leadership credentials and experiences:

  • Honorary Command Chief – Beale Military Liaison Committee – US Air Force Honorary Commander Program 2014-Present
  • Ignite Young Professional Leadership Council – Roseville Chamber of Commerce 2014-2015
  • President of League of Extraordinary Businesses 2014-2015
  • Innovator of the Year – League of Extraordinary Businesses (LOEB) 2013
  • Ruck For the Fur – Team Command / Cadre / Course Director 2012
  • Tough Mudder Team Captain 2012 Tahoe – Lead a team of newcomers on a 13+ mile adventure just to show them they could do it.
  • Go Ruck Tough – GRC – Graduate Class #306-2012
  • Tough Mudder Team Captain 2011 Squaw Valley (way past high camp). Named Toughest Tough Mudder of the year
  • Heroik MBA 2011
  • Distinguished Leadership Award – League of Extraordinary Businesses (LOEB) 2010
  • Alumni National Youth Leadership Forum On Law – Washington DC 2000

Leadership & team building are major areas of my practice. And I have a lot to say on the subject.

Read More Here.

Raising the Bar With MI-STEP

I’ve also worked with military members to create a leadership and teambuilding platform called MI-STEP. Using this platform, we’ve created special events, rucks, races, fitness and wellness programs, all in a positive and empowering spirit that brings people together, increases trust and awareness of what even the average Joe is capable of.


Credentials – Overview

  • I’ve been working in the enterprise world for 14 years. I ain’t no rookie.
  • I’ve worked as a technology consultant for over 10 years.
  • I’ve worked in new media, communications and design for the last 7 years.

I’m a third generation entrepreneur and a bootstrapper. I’ve had an entrepreneurial mindset since grade school. I started my first business officially when I was 14 working as a PC technician. I’ve been working with powerful communicators since I was 17; working with lawyers, lobbyists, leaders and CEO’s.

As an IT consultant, I have worked with key leaders at Bechtel, and corporate officers in the Biofuel industry among many others. I later worked in Innovation Labs in the Silicon Valley with major brands like Yahoo and Google as a Senior Social Analyst and creative mind to help transform the culture and experience of the service and support departments. My primary focus was to help shape the customer success model, and the attitudes and software around it. You can read more about my credentials here.

I’ve worked with outstanding individuals, brands and organizations including:


I have been an Interdisciplinarian from day 1. I’ve excelled in divergent areas of study and used the experiences from each, to make unique contributions to each. I’ve also leveraged them to help pioneer new fields of study as well.

Early in my studies, I coined the phrase “Digital Liquidity.”  Over the following decade, I developed that concept into a framework and methodology for studying the factors that affect the flow and value of information in the Digital Age.

These unique insights armed me with a unique lens on the world that made me a sought after commodity in multiple industries. I am an advocate of speed, simplicity, independence, control, mobility and tactility in digital paradigms. Essentially, I’ve  translated what it means to have freedom in the digital age.

I also have my very own MBA.

Highlights from my MBA Experience

Real World Applications



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